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Sir Nord's soundset on my BG2 PC?


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It's really just a question of moving and renaming files.


For BG2, this is the list of assigned sounds to get the appropriate sounds for the situation. "prefix" here is just some kind of unique identifier so that you can assign the right noises for the right actions.


Prefix1.wav = critical miss

Prefix2.wav = weapon ineffective

Prefix3.wav = inventory full

Prefix4.wav = picked pocket

Prefix5.wav = hide in shadows

Prefix6.wav = spell failure

Prefix7.wav = trap set

Prefix8.wav = attack

Prefix9.wav = attack

Prefix_.wav = action

Prefixa.wav = attack

Prefixb.wav = leader

Prefixc.wav = tired

Prefixd.wav = bored

Prefixe.wav = hurt

Prefixf.wav = select

Prefixg.wav = select

Prefixh.wav = select

Prefixi.wav = action

Prefixj.wav = action

Prefixk.wav = action

Prefixl.wav = damage

Prefixm.wav = dying

Prefixn.wav = forest

Prefixo.wav = city

Prefixp.wav = dungeon

Prefixq.wav = day

Prefixr.wav = night

Prefixs.wav = action

Prefixt.wav = action

Prefixu.wav = action

Prefixv.wav = select

Prefixw.wav = select

Prefixx.wav = select

Prefixy.wav = select

Prefixz.wav = critical hit


select = the player has clicked on the character to select him

action = confirmation that the character has received an order, like "move here"

attack = battle cries

damage = character has sustained damage

hurt = character has been seriously hurt, enough to trigger the autopause, if the player is using it


You'll have to have the sounds converted to WAV. I think they're included in the mod as OGGs. Audacity will easily handle the conversion.


So, as requested, here is the step-by-step instructions for converting Sir Nord's IWD2 soundset to BG2 format.

  1. Find your "Sounds" folder in your BG2 directory. If you don't have one, make one. You'll need it later.
  2. Download and install Audacity.
  3. Download IWD2 NPC and find Sir Nord's sounds.
  4. Open each with Audacity and decide which kind of sound it could be, for example, battle cry, selection sound, etc.
  5. In the pulldown menu, under "File" chose "Export as" and then select WAV. When it promts you to name the file, use the naming conventions above, remembering to keep the part called prefix at 6 characters or under.
  6. Direct Audacity to save the file to your "Sounds" folder in your BG2 directory.
  7. All done.

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It isn't complicated. It's just tedius, because you have to do each sound file individually that way. There are ways to handle batch conversions, but for what you want, getting a single soundset into BG2, this way will work well enough, and it's easy to explain.


Good luck.

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If you have the IWD2NPC mod already installed, you can just grab the WAVs from the override folder. Or I can send them to you if you want. Then it's just the renaming tedium. I don't think that RenameMaster is of help here, unfortunately. :D

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