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Install fixpack for running game?

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I've recently started a new BGII game and have now discovered the fixpack. Can I install it and still use my current savegames? I have the Tweak Pack installed, which I would have to uninstall and reinstall, but do I have to start all over? I hope not. :D

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Files stored in a save are visited stores, visited areas and encountered creatures (mostly those who inhabit said areas).

Afaict stores are bug free, save rare and minor non-critical annoyiances. Areas are nearly the same.

Creatures are more troublesome, but nowhere as much as scripts and dialogs.


What you may run into is messed item/spell descriptions. Won't provide CTD but not exceptionally nice either. There're shouldn't be many of these though.


All in all, it's better to start new game if you've altered your already existing mod order. Better, but not necessarily.

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It's not advised. As stated, some of the files are stored in your saved games, and the script and dialogue changes can also cause problems with variables which have already been set in your current game or with other file changes they depend on (NPCs who should be gone suddenly reappearing or vice versa; quests no longer behaving as they should; etc.).


Although it's not necessary to start a new game to receive some benefit, you'll likely encounter issues and there won't be an avenue of support for those issues (since most or all will simply be coming from the fact that you installed over a game already in progress).

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I would strongly recommend installing Item Revisions 2 and spell revisions 3, which make your items and spells so much more interesting, (not overpowered, just more useful)


also on this website, Sword coast Strategems II is great, but be warned, your game will be 100 times harder, because enemies get updated scripts that make them work in teams, use potions, detect what spell you've cast and therefore remove your spell protections, and become generally more dangerous.

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