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Printout of files in a directory


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How would I get a printable list of files in a particular directory? Mostly, I want to make sure that files are not duplicated in two folders, but I also want to make sure I don't overlook any during a migration. This is for NWN2 modding, not IE, so weidu functions probably won't work.


I used to know how to do this, from a command prompt, I think, but I've forgotten.




Edit: Never mind. Since I'm just comparing two directories, I can just open the directory and hit "print screen." Sorry for wasting th bandwidth.

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Look into diff utilities (or WinMerge for those afraid of the command line) for comparisons (diff -q allows to check for mere file presence).


For getting a list of files, in the command prompt "dir > somefile.txt" will output the contents of a directory into somefile.txt. There's bound to be options to get the output format you need.

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I really love winmerge (free) - and I have played with windiff, too - it will help out. But that command line works great for straight editable lists of files, as does turning on copy/paste in the window and capturing dir results directly :D

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