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some advice for best resolution


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HI,i'm new of the forum.I ask you a little advice...

I install Widescreen mod(SUPERB!!!!COMPLIMENTS!!)and i try a lot of resolutions...

I play with a widescreen monitor 19" and 16:10.


For you,what's the ideal resolution for a good resolution and possibly have characters and npc not so little? :worship:

Thanks for attention.GREAT WORK!MY COMPLIMENTS!

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I have 20" and 16:10, and I use 1280x800. Anything higher than that and you'll just be staring at lots of fog of war.


Oh, and thanks for such a wonderful mod, bigg.

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really new to this. and i'm desperate. on my 37' LCD i'm usually using 1920x1080 resolution [fullHD]. after installing widescreen mod, i tried this resolution first of all - works perfectly! but text is really small, not comfortable to read. so then i started trying propotional lesser resolutions(1280x720 for example. 16:9, seems to be right) - mod installing correctly every time, but when i launch the game, all i can see is 1/4 of the menu, moved to the down right corner of the screen. i'm really tired guessing numbers and i can't see any system in this.

so, what i'm trying to say - maybe somebody discover this magical numbers for 16:9 TV?

sorry for my English and thanks.

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Jarno, please stop posting advice when you're not sure what you're talking about.


You need to enable the 1280x720 resolution for this to work correctly (so that you can set your desktop resolution to 1280x720 as well). The ways to do this vary depending on whether your video card is an Ati, an Nvidia or an Intel.

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thanks, the bigg


the situation is kinda more complicated. i understand now, that my '1/4 of menu' problem arise only when i install unsupported 16:9 resolutions(the ones i can't set my desktop to). 1280x720 IS supported, but when i install it, game screen does not fit the tv screen - it's about 20px bigger both in vertical and horizontal, so portraits of characters and menu buttons are only partly visible. THAT is now my problem). although i certainly can adjust this in my TV settings, but i'll have to do this everytime i want to play... no, this is not right.


my videocard is ASUS NVIDIA 8600GTS 256mb

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I'm sorry, I can't give you concrete advice about correctly setting up your TV, because I am not familiar with the operation. If you haven't done this yet, try downloading the latest NVidia drivers and fiddling around with the various settings in the NVidia control panel (there's a "manage custom resolutions" tab in the NVidia control panel that might be of help).

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the bigg, thanks again


after some quality time with NVIDIA control panel, i've finally found my magical numbers - 1280x768.

not quite 16:9, but everything looks perfect.

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