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Version problem

Guest Gralph

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Trying to install crossmod banter pack. First I had to replace the wediu(infinted update loop=fail) used with the latest version 2.10, however when I attempt to install the version is listed as ver. 6 instead of 7. Is this an error or?


Finally, when it installs banters it would seem that the number of banters is less than listed. Not sure if the errors are caused by me replacing the weidu version used.


Any ideas?

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The version is 7. Somebody forgot to change it in the tp2. I don't remember who packaged v7. It could have been me. And sorry about the infinite loop in it. It was released with a version of weidu that didn't cause problems with that, but with version 210, that's an issue.


Thre should be a new version coming out soon that includes Angelo/Xan banters, and I've packaged that without the file that causes the loop, and with the weidu 210.


As for the number of banters, are you sure? Did you open up the mod folder and count the ones in the file. It's possible that you just haven't gotten some of them to play yet. Also, CBP checks for NPCs on the install, so if you install NPCs after it, you won't get their banters.

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