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4-player, Single-class Party in SCS2


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Question: If I use Spell Revisions or Refinements, will the SCS2 enemies also have those same abilities, or will they have the original ones?
The original ones. Sorry, I'm not that clever!
Well, it's partially true...for what concerns SR's spells the ones you'll be using are exactly the ones used by the AI. What DavidW says is that he didn't take into account SR changes when selecting spells to assign to opponents, and thus spells which were useless in vanilla are still considered useless by SCS even if SR improves them.


Sorry, yes, that's right. So SCS casters will cast as if they're casting the vanilla spells, but the actual effects will be as for the SR spells. (In practice they won't - we're fairly sure - do anything stupid, they just won't take into account the wider range of options SR allows.)

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Personnaly, I prefer play with more characters but less powerfull items/kits/XP etc...


I wish I did too, because in some ways it makes for a more dynamic game, but I just don't have the patience for the micromanagement of 6 characters. Blame me for stupidly soloing vanilla bg2/tob a bunch of times before I ever tried playing with a party, which got me used to the speed and convenience of a solo. :worship:

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