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Virus Trojan


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I don't think so. We check all RE versions with various antiviral software(from Avast to Outpost Security Suite), and it seems that you are safe... for the time being. Seriously, try a different antivirus, like Kaspersky or DrWeb.

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Over the years it seems that once every six months or so, one of the virus scanners is bound to misinterpret a RAR or SFX mod package as containing a virus.


Although it has happened for real on occasion, usually they are false alarms. If you do encounter one that is confirmed by other software to be a false alarm, take the time to alert the virus scanner developer of the false positive--it helps them refine their definitions and, hopefully, prevent similar mistakes from cropping up in the future. Generally they have either an e-mail address or Web form where they ask you to report the false positive and attach the offending file.


(also, I suggest "Virus Trojan" be the name of a new RE character. He can be hanging around temples claiming he needs to be cured of disease, but that's just a cover for his true intentions!)

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Oh come on lets be a bit more inventive....


Name: Tro Jan

Race: Halfling or Gnome

Occupation: Merchant

Product Sold: Diseased Turnips

Effects from eating: Random Viral Infections


INT: -5 (you were stupid enough to eat it, you deserve to lose some more)

WIS: +1 (you just learned not to eat this again)

CHR: -10 (with your bowels in a rumble who wants to be near you)

DEX: +3 (all that running to the latrine keeps you in shape)

STR: -1 per tenday infected (slowly breaks down muscle tissue)

Death if left unchecked once STR reaches 0


Can be infected by one, all or any combination thereof.

Can only be healed through conversation (not temple store options) with various temple healers.

Priests of a particular faith can only heal one type of infection.

Example: Priests of Oghma could heal only INT

So to be completely healed would require visits to multiple temples.


And yes the Trojan Horse was Greek, but the Trojan horse was just a regular horse born an bred in Troy.

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I'd love to do it, yeah. I just took time and sent a report to Outpost company, asking them to test the file for me(as I paid for "eternal" support, let them do their job). I'm sure it's clean, but just in case.


For the time being: folks, I think it's indeed time to submit files to Kaspersky lab/AVG/etc, because false positives suck. But I'm having troubles locating the necessary webpage links on avg.com and www.kaspersky.com(though I could swear I saw one when I was researching the matter a few weeks ago). Please, if you can, help me with links(or just submit the file yourself).

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AntiVir - Might have to post on their forum - http://forum.avira.com


AVG - You have to email the file to virus@avg.com with a description of the problem (i.e. false positive)


F-Secure - Can't find any info


Kaspersky - In the drop down menu, choose "False alarm" http://support.kaspersky.ru/virlab/helpdesk.html?LANG=en


TendMicro - I can only find the submission address for emails falsely flagged as spam, but might be worth trying - False@support.trendmicro.com



For the commercial apps, I think they are only interested in submissions from registered users, so you may need to get people that use those apps to submit reports.

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Thank you very much! Thank you for your time, I really appreciate that - I'll be home late today, but I'll try and fill all the forms.


And, folks - if you're paid registered users of AVG/Kaspersky/etc, I could really use your help.

Because - currently only Dr Web, Outpost Security Suite and Avast! here.

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