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NB: Please, don't write material for another person's NPC without the permission of the author.


If you want to add new crossmod material then simply post it in this forum and I'll code it up in the case of banters, interjections, romance conflicts etc. I'll need details like dialogue filenames etc. Also, please don't submit material for mods that haven't been released yet (Public beta is fine also).


I'll require proof that the authors of the mods for which the material is for, have approved the new material (Ignore this point if you are the author of all the mods involved). This can be a simple as them posting that its ok, a link to them saying that you can write material for their mod or them contacting me saying its ok. I'd recommend the first of these options if two (or more) modders have worked together on material. Someone posts the new material and the other(s) posts just to say 'Yes, I did help work on this'.


I won't modify the material without the writers permission when I come to code it other than correcting grammar and spelling mistakes.




Q: So what does this mod do?


A: It adds new material to Baldur's Gate 2 between various existing mods.


Q: So when do I install it?


A: As the last mod you install. It will check which (if any) mods you have installed and if there is written material between any of them it will install it.


Q: So what material is currently in the mod?


A: Please check the pinned thread in the forum for current material list or alternatively check the readme.


Q: Wasn't this mod called 'Banter Packs: Part Deux' or something?


A: Yes, that was its work in progress name. However, Jason Compton and I decided it really wasn't the best name as confusion would arise on whether 'one more contained the other' or similar.


Q: So this has nothing to do with the PPG Banter Packs? There are no compatibility issues then?


A: Thats right.


Q: I want to add my material to the mod.


A: That's fine. Please read the rules above before submitting something though.


Q: I tried to contact the author of a mod to get permission but (s)he didn't respond. That means its ok for me to write material for their character, right?


A: No. I don't want to piss off some modder by 'putting words in the mouth of their NPC' or similar.

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