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This post is just going to be a catchall so I don't have to keep starting new topics every time something changes.


As you may have noticed, the forums are now the Gibberlings Three forums, as the Delainy Forums title doesn't really apply anymore. :D The forums underwent a concurrent facelift; should you find anything graphically screwy (or any traces of the old light blue color) please let me know. New smilies have been added, but not all of them are in the clickable table on the post/reply pages. A complete listing of smilies can be found via the help icon at the top of the page.


The member titles had been disabled unintentionally. Members should be able to add/edit your titles now.


Feedback, requests and rants are always welcome. Feel free to send myself or one of the moderators a PM, or contact me directly via email at webmaster@gibberlings3.net.


Thanks all!

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