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Who's interested?

Grim Squeaker

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This thread is nice and simple. This is a list of modders that have expressed interest in adding crossmod content using their projects. If you want to get added to the list then feel free to post here.


Current List of Modders and Projects




Andyr - Mur'Neth

Bons - Finch

Ghreyfain - Indira




Amazor'dra - Neh'taniel

Andyr - Elai and Nasard

BigRob - Aklon

BobTokyo - Hubelpot

Bons - Hessa, Surayah

Bri - Delainy, Tashia*1

Dashael - Clifton

Deathsangel - Mod for the Wicked NPCs

Domi - Kivan of Shilmista

Dragon Lord - Drake

Ghreyfain - Goo

Grim Squeaker - Tiefling Sisters, Viconia Relationship

Igi - Anras, Arg, Galoomp, Thash

LuckyOne - Valasse

Meira - Amber

Maximize - Arcajarn

Mistress Elysia - Fade

Moongaze - Alcander, Gana, Lockheart

Nethrin - Kindrek, Saerileth

NiGHTMARE - Kivan, Jaina

Rastor - Kitanya

SConrad - Khadion

Seifer - Horace, Kiara and Zaiya, Nocturnal Supremacy, SilverStar

Shed - Yikari

Sidhe - Valdenar

Sir Kalthorine - Chrysta

Sillara of the Tamari - Tsujatha, Yasraena

SimDing0 - Alassa

Stinky_ogre - Reywind, Thoguk

St Josephine - Cailean

Tameon the Dragoon - Vengeful Rhapsody NPCs

Thorium Dragon - Valen Expansion

Tsuru - Morgan

Weimer - Solaufein*2

Zyraen - Kova, Kiyone


*1 Tashia is not Bri's project but the author has stated that anyone is free to add material to Tashia and Bri has offered to do so. The original post is at http://tashia.spellholdstudios.net/ in the November 21st entry.


*2 To my knowledge Wes is not actually writing any Crossmod material but he has approved some work written by others. Note, this is not global permission for everyone.

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If Indira ever gets a quest which timewarps her into BG2, then count her in.


Also, in the spirit of not turning this mod into a travesty and a joke, Goo is not being volunteered.


Okay, I've been convinced otherwise. Goo is in.


Added (Oh dear Lord...)

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I'm almost (in Tsuru-time, read maybe a month or so) ready to release an alpha Morgan for public testing, at least the romance version. The female/male friendship part is nowhere near ready. I would be more than happy to join in any cross-bantering as right now we just have barely started the ones between Blacksheep NPC's :)


...and Dashael speaks for me on the Morgan male friendship part, as that's his section :)



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