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Imoen banters - needs to dual to mage to continue?

Guest kthxbye

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Guest kthxbye

Hi @ all! First post here. :worship:


First thing, congrats for the great mod. I'm really enjoying the banters, and think they are all in character and well written. I almost fell from the chair laughing for most of the Minsc banters. :p


Then, my question. I tried a game with Imoen as a half-elf thief/mage (multiclass), her class changed with the lvl1 npc mod, her race changed with SK (after she joined the group). I had frequent banters with her, and eventually she managed to create her book artifact. After that, she continued her banters with Dynaheir, but stopped addressing the main char. I've read that if she's dualed to mage too soon the artifact banter will not pop up, so I thought it could be true the other way too - if I don't dual her to mage, she won't have any more banters.

Since my Imoen is a multiclass, I can't dual her, but I would like to enjoy all of her great dialogues. If my guess is right, is it possible to "bypass" the dual requirement changing a variable with CLUAConsole?

Or is it normal for her to stop the banters for more or less 20 in-game days, and waiting will do?


Thanks in advance! :p

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Imoen is a frequent early banterer, but thins out later on. My bet is that you are seeing the expected behavior :worship: She does not have class-specific banters, and you do not need to ual her toget the dialogs (I often play with her as a single-class swashbuckler from L0 Candlekeep all the way through Sarevok's Big Dirt Nap ).


(Imoen will still have occasional sidebars at specific moments).

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