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Reg 1pp components

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Does it matter if you install 1pp before IR and install stuff from there? I mean, will IR detect the components are already there and so won't install again/cause problems?


Or should we install IR and then from 1pp only the 'extras' not included in IR if we want those?


Actually, same question about SR and the wings too, if you can answer that.


If i go 1pp, SR, IR, in that order, will I have to manually remember what i'm installing from each and avoid installing the same thing twice in regards to 1pp components?


I'd like to just install the pacakged 1pp and then SR and then IR.

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There shouldn't be inconsistencies if you install the same components in both mods, but there wouldn't be much point to installing them twice.


If you want 1PP's spmagglo animation (the wiffle ball change), you can install V2's Everything but Potions before IR's main component. All other duplicated components should be identical.



Note that the compatibility notes about the core item updating components of Colourable Quarterstaves and Flaming Short Swords still hold true - IR will overwrite them if they are installed beforehand, and they will overwrite IR's items if installed after, so right now you'll have to choose one or the other. The mod item updating components of both shouldn't interfere with IR.

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Didn't Demi say that 1PP's spmagglo was too small or something? Any way to make it bigger?
Yes, that animation is fine on medium sized creatures, but on bigger creatures it's too small and looks too weird imo. Too bad as the original animation is quite ugly.
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