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Anyone know how to edit PST's BAM 'scene' spells?

Guest Dubby

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Spell editing for PST seems... bad. I'm not really sure what's going on with the editors either, but there are no projectile files anywhere! Take, for example, the spell Fire and Ice. How would one edit the spell? Or the spell Elysium's Tears to change how many times the firery tear drops show up by level?

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Quite a few of the spells appear to be handled completely within the engine. Take a look at the Strength spell, for instance.


Fire and Ice appears to be in that category as well. Elysium's Tears appears to be handled outside of the engine, as there is a reference to the specific .BAM in the .SPL file. You could probably edit that .BAM, but I doubt you could make it scale by level.



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