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Changing npc portraits

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As the description says, i'd like to know how i can change portraits of creatures in-game, so that their portrait shows up on the left of the dialogue box like it does with npcs/important characters.


Is it possible to do this for any creature in the game? Or are there only certain ones you can add portraits to? I'm wanting to replace, or add, one for the matron mother in particular (I say replace, because I don't know if some mod I have might add one to her, doubt it...but mine would just overwrite right?)

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Yes, it is perfectly possible. IIRC, it is simply adding portraits to a character (.cre) file.


I personally recommend Near Infinity for browsing and editing the files, and all you have to do is write in the right filename for the portrait in the portrait (small, I think), and then it should show up in game.


Once you have all that sorted, most mods use WeiDU, an awesome installer/uninstaller, which can patch (overwrite- sort of) your portraits into the game. You will need the hex offsets available in NI for it, however, and we could jump that particular hurdle when we come to it, instead of trying to make the (steep) learning curve now. :)



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When you say small, you mean the 38x60 size? Or even smaller, I don't know what size dialogue boxes uses, I've always thought it to be smaller than the portraits on the right hand side GUI thing, but i guess maybe they're the same...


Anyways, here's what I had in mind for the matron:




So, i should resize this to whatever you say, that's easy enough...but the uh...weidu stuff, I do know what weidu is, but never used it; is there no other way? Like simply pasting the image file into my override once i find the correct filename? That's how i replace joinable npc portraits anyhows.

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