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CLT Conditions

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Hey berelinde,


Just wondering about the conditions for some of Casavir's LT's.


(I don't really think these are spoilery, but they could possibly be construed as such. I imagine.)


Is LT8 meant to trigger after you take Zhaeve to the Keep for the first time? I've had to use PID to get any talks, and in this instance I used PID and triggered LT7 twice, but didn't see LT8


LT10 triggered twice as well, but I think I must have met the conditons twice, or something. It triggered once in West Harbour before Bevil was available to talk to (Act 3 before being charged with the keep), and once after I'd spoken to him (in West Harbour, after being given the keep).


I also couldn't trigger Casavir's reaction to Bishop after the Trial by Combat. I fought and both romances were still running, so I guess it was just an engine issue??



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So much for my dreams of a bug-free release.


You're right. LT 7 is scripted to fire twice because of a typo and LT 8 not at all. I apologize.


I've got a fix for it, and I'll be posting it in a separate topic in just a moment.


As for your other two observations, they're script pecularities, I'm afraid.

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