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Congratulations! And a question.

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This is extremely awesome, and I can't wait to try this out. Congratulations, and great work!


My one worry is that repeated installation-deletion-installation will cause problems. I'm playing NWN2 multiplayer with a friend, whom I don't want to have to ask to download and install this, and I also play on a few NWN2 online servers which require that you don't have anything in your override folder.


If I put the files in, play by myself for a while, then take them out to go back to my multiplayer campaign, etc, will I be able to put them back in afterward and continue playing the single-player game without having any problems/losing variables that were stored/anything along those lines?

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I don't think that it will cause problems. You will have a couple of variables set for you in your Globals file, but taking the files in and out of the Override basically is a relatively painless procedure from the game's perspective, and the flirts themselves rely on very few globals. As far as I understand Overriding does not touch the dialogue talk. That's said IT WAS NOT TESTED, so... I wish I could give you a more affirmative answer.

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