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Do the npc come back in MOTB?

Guest Murray

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Hey.... I just want to say what a great mod... :)

I am playing the oc and havent had any bugs so far....

I just have one question... Do the romanceable characters like Elanee or neeshka come back as joinable npc in MOTB? Or will ammon jerro just tell what happend to them?



Sorry if my english is bad....

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Hi, no, they will not come back as joinable - this would involve a MAJOR overhaul of the game. But you will have additional dialogues about them or (in one case) with them, and your Epilogues will change depending on your choices in MotB, so that the protagonist will be able to end up with his/her first love if s/he so choses.


The mod also includes a small utility add-on (in convo with Safiya) that will summon your old characters to play through MotB but they are utility only, no sensible, MotB related dialogues etc.


MotB love interests also have flirt-packs added to them.

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