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Male romances (OC)


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Played the flirtpacks, though not quite till the end yet... Very well done, I much prefered them to the Baldur's Gate ones - they felt less like you were sexually harassing your companions and more like trying to get to know them. As for an expansion to the romances...


Elanee! There was so much that could have been... I was looking forward to a kinda savage character who knew little of civilization, customs and such, but she was rather dull the way it was executed in the game. I would love to see her expanded and improved. She is thrust into the unknown and torn in more ways than one, and that makes for great drama potential.


Part of Neeshka's appeal to me is that possessive, attention seeking thing she has going, and I don't think it would translate too well into an actual relationship (It works very well in the flirt packs, especially the baiting/teasing kind of flirts). The way I see it Neeshka wants attention, not a boyfriend.


So Elanee, because Neeshka works as she is with flirts and a wall-scene, and Elanee doesn't really.

Just my 2 cents.

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Guest Spidercat

Hey an expansion of the flirtpack for both Elanee and Neeshka would be great. I just stopped playing my male KC, who was going for Neeshka, after the combat trial. Was too frustrating that Neeshka was the only female who didn't seem to care one bit :) Made me want to go for either Qara or Shandra but they're not an option, and Elanee is really too creepy (at least for this character but with another one I might go for her)

Anyway, thanks for everything :)

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Guest mcsupersport

I really hope you decide to give Neeshka a better time with romance. I think she could do very well to balance out the romance possibilities. If Elanee gets done, I will still enjoy it, but really prefer to get Neeshka. I wish you could do both, but that would be a huge amount of work, for something you don't really have a passion to do, unlike your Bishop work.


Thanks for doing what you have done, it should have been like this from the start, but oh well, you are doing great.

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Another vote here for Neeshka. Both here and in BG2 I found it odd who the creators thought should be the romance possibilities. I mean, really, Neeshka's the second NPC you get, and unlike Elanee, she has a freaking personality! Not to mention that unless you're going to power through traps and locks or become a rogue, you're practically forced to use her.

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I definitely prefer PIDs since I am not always in the mood to talk with the npcs, and then sometimes I am very much in the mood to. I'd rather save the dialogues for those times.


One thing that would be nice is if you let same sex PCs see the dialogues that are not strictly romantic or flirtatious. Some of it is just background on the characters. This is the first time I am playing the game, but it seems like the writers really neglected the NPCs in NWN2. They don't have a lot to do for quests so far, and they don't seem to get more than 5 minutes of dialogue each. I think that is pretty lame for an RPG.


You could make some of the dialogues gender neutral and flesh out the NPCs for all players that way.

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Just so you know, some of Casavir's "general conversation" topics are available to male PCs. I basically got bored talking about nothing but OOW while running a male PC. They might still read as a bit "girly," but OOW is not mentioned.

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Yes. Since this is your first time playing the OC, you won't have the memory of being bored to tears by Casavir's obsession with Old Owl Well. :) Seriously, there was nothing else you could talk to him about.


Sorry for hijacking the topic! :)


While you're here, please cast your vote!

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I'd love a romance for Neeshka, personally. I am female, and play mostly female characters, but Neeshka's also one of my favorite companions. If nothing else it would be a compelling reason to play the other gender... which probably would mostly involve hijacking my roommate's character, since I am a lazy thing that way.

Neeshka's personality is much more compelling than Elanee's. On the one hand you have the creepy stalker who talks nonstop about nature and the balance and the Mere of Dead Men (yes, we know you're a druid, now SHUT UP) and bitches at you any time your character opens his (or her) moth to say something morally gray.

On the other hand there's Neeshka, who is no saint by any stretch of the imagination and doesn't expect you to be one either- in fact it would give her 'the holies' if you were. She's energetic, easily entertained, wings snide comments right back in the faces of those that delivered them, and, thank god, has a sense of humor. A slightly warped sense of humor, granted, but then again I've got one of those too. c:

So there's my two cents.


That you'd even put this out there warrants you a CORNUCOPIA OF LOOOOOVE.

Hugs for all!

...Or hugs for no one.

That can be a reward if you don't like hugs, right?


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Yeah, I think a couple other players commented that they'd try a male PC to see how Neeshka would turn out in a romance. And, yep, folks, I see that Neeshka basically has the best support out of the lot of the ideas, so I will take a closer look at the dialogues and start pooling the ideas in the next couple of weeks (after fixing the glitches we need to fix, of course!) to see if I am game.

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To me, Elanee always felt like a more stalkerlike, less cool Jaheira rip-off, with nasal, subpar voicing. Neeshka was one of the few characters who were actually interesting in NWN2 from the get-go, and the promise for romance was already there (in fact, Elanee's "let's get it on" at the wall came as a surprise for me the first time). So yeah, Neeshka all the way :).

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I agree with most of what has already been said about Neeshka.Honestly when I finished the OC the first thing I did was go online and see if anyone had done a Neeshka Romance because I didn't get the Elanee Romance and never noticed the potential.


It was only after I had been looking for the Neeshka romance I found out you could get one for Elanee.

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Another vote for a Neeshka Romance here! I always thought like many others that it was a little odd that Nesshka didn't have any romance option at all with such a huge potential that was brought into the story. I have this little strange romance triangel with my character with Elanee and Nesshka which I think is hilarious no matter how many times I play through the OC. But knowing there are only one ending to the romance choices (two if you include the "no one" option hehe).


I tried out the romance pack with the flirt section for the two ladies and think they are just superb and really fits into the gameplay. (With the exception maybe when I just got Nesshka to join the party and used the flirt option: Make Nesshka jeoulos by smiling at Elanee, who wasn't there :p ) On my way now through the OC to try out the Nesshka ending part on the wall.

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