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Not equipped weapons

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Hi I've found this.


BG2 Creature Inventory Checker


This utility was something I developed while working on the BG2 Fixpack. Near Infinity has some excellent debugging tools which were used as a first pass in corrections to creature files. However, after running (and correcting) the couple hundred errors that turned up, I found there was no tool for finding, say, creatures with a weapon in their weapon slot but not equipped, or a creature with armor in a shield slot, and a number of other miscellaneous errors I wanted to correct.


Could any1 tell me how to force creatures to equip weapons?

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Could anyone tell me how to force creatures to equip weapons?
B y giving the creature a script that uses this:

(11) EquipItem(S:Object*)

This action instructs the active creature to equip the specified item. The item needs to be in one of the creatures quickslots.


From here.

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> Could any1 tell me how to force creatures to equip weapons?


Usually it's not necessary. When combat starts the creature's script should do either an EquipRanged or EquipMostDamagingMelee action. If you are using the version of BG2 Creature Inventory Checker I posted to the "Gibberlings Three Debugging Suite for BG2" forum, it does check for this. Otherwise, it would give the error "ItemErr in xxxxxx.cre: Invalid weapon equipped".


If you mean how to make a creature start off with a weapon wielded: using NI, set the "Weapon slot selected" field to 0, 1, 2 or 3 to use "Weapon 1", Weapon 2", "Weapon 3" or "Weapon 4". There is also a special value, 99 IIRC, that means FIST, the special weapon that monks use.

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