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Installation Idiocy

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Greetings all


I just recently reinstalled BG2 after a long pause (the need for a good roleplaying game just got to me. You know), but I have somehow managed to lose my ToB disc, and since I couldn't find it online (Hey, I paid for it once :)) I resolved myself to just playing SoA. I then set about re-modding the game, and found Amber while searching around and thought she looked pretty damn awesome (don't know how I missed this one back in the day).


And this is where I demonstrated my 'tard status. I just gave the description a once over, saw "no ToB content", thought "Wohoo! Compatible!" and installed like there was no tomorrow.

Now obviously it doesn´t work, and that's just how it is, but my question is this: When I get my ass in gear and borrow my brother's ToB disc, will just installing that make her work? Will reinstalling her be necessary? Or...As I dread...Will I have to reinstall the whole game and all the many, many mods I have already got up and running? That would, uhm, not be awesome :).


I blame society.


Oh, and thanks in advance :)

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You need to do a complete re-install of your mods because installing ToB will overwrite mod content. I recommend installing the whole game from scratch just to avoid any issues. Remember to install the official ToB patch too. :)


Unfortunately Amber needs few of the scripting commands that ToB adds to the game and that's why the extension is required.

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That was what I was afraid of :blush:


Luckily I got the disc from my brother, and remember to think first this time, so it's all running fine now.

She's really an awesome npc by the way, both for her own content and what she brings to the party. Great work, really :blush:


Thanks for the help

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