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[v1] The Goo/Alassa banter


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The following post may be harmful to your brain. You have been warned.


Goo's banter file is J#BGoo.dlg.

Alassa's... not sure.

BEdwin, BAnomen, and BJan are for the bio NPCs in here already.


And now, without further ado:

<Gozaloth> Guaarrrrg. ;_;

<Alassa> Goo, if you're just a floating eyeball, where's your dick?

<Gozaloth> Grllg. Goo underrrglestands not yourgz words. What is--guark!--this "digrrgrck" you speak of? Gurrg.

<Alassa> Oh, your garbled speech is really turning me on.

<Alassa> I've always wanted someone big and slimy.

<Gozaloth> Grrglk? I... gwergle! (Though you can't really tell, you get the vague suspicion that Gozaloth is preening.)

* Gozaloth turns a deeper shade of greeny-reddish-purple.

<Alassa> Goo, it's so cold adventuring out in the open all the time. I could do with something warm and pulsating to snuggle up to.

<Alassa> (You're all laughing, but the Alassa mod actually is THIS bad.)

<Gozaloth> [if Jan is in party] Gwerkle, erg? Jan? Do yougrg have any of--gwerg--of those Super Smasherrggrz Mega Mintsrrg left? Gerk.

*** Gozaloth is now known as Jan

*** Alassa is now known as Anomen

<Anomen> Alassa, I thought I was the only man you'd snuggle up to.

*** Anomen is now known as Alassa

<Alassa> Not any more, knight. Goo has taken your place.

<Jan> Why, I might be offended if you were to assume that I would ever be in a situation in which I had no Super Smasher Mega Mints. Why, my dear departed friend Boris Borgnein was enough to educate me in their worth. His cunning placement of a stack of mints on a sleeping dragon's tongue were what let him retire with more wealth than the King of Waterdeep could even dream of. Here, have a couple.

*** Jan is now known as Gozaloth

<Gozaloth> Guargle. My thanks, grgrgggood gnome. Erk!

<Gozaloth> [continue from split, if Jan isn't in party]

<Alassa> Gozaloth, what's happenning to you? You're not floating any more!

<Edwin> What? Now watch me call you a simian underneath my breath. (Yes, a simian, how original.)

<Alassa> Oh, shut up Edwin. Just because you're not getting any.

<Gozaloth> Znrggg? I... gwarkle. (Goo obviously can't think of anything to say, because... author != writer)

<Edwin> A Red Wizard can do mighty things with his wand! (Let them search for the double meaning in that!)

* Gozaloth breathes on Edwin. Rolls a 100!

* Gozaloth gets it on with Alassa.

* Edwin summons an otyguh to join in.

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