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Xan BG2 NPC, BG1 NPC pack, and BGT

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I have a couple of questions about compatibility between the pocket plane Xan NPC mod, this mod, and the Baldur's Gate Trilogy:


1)Compatibility: Will Baldur's Gate Trilogy mess anything up with Xan being in my party during BG1?

2)Continuity: Is the Xan romance in here the same one from the Baldur's Gate Tutu add-ons (which I believe Pocket Plane's NPC continues)?

3)Mods: The BG2 Xan npc can be changed to other classes (I chose sorcerer). Will he a) be a sorcerer in BG, and b) will this mess up any dialogue?

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short answer:

1. No

2. Yes

3. a) and b): I don't think so. :)


longer answer:

The BG1NPC project is compatible with BGT. It will introduce dialogues etc. to the BG1 NPCs during the BG1 part of the game.


2. If you are referring to the Tutu Add-On page at PPG: Yes, there is only one Xan romance, and that is the one here in BG1NPC project, which will be continued by the PPG Xan BGII NPC mod. There also exists a Xan BG1 friendship mod at PPG, which adds a friendship to the BG1 part (not inlcuded in BG1NPC Project).


3. There is no option to make Xan a sorcerer with BG1NPC Poject, no. I don't think it will mess up dialogue, though, if you find a way to make him one. Not from a technical aspect, at least.

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