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Forwarding Banters

Guest Crunsh

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First of all, thanks for the mod, it's great :) .


While I'm normaly somewhat more of a silent admirer for all the mods that are coming up for the Infinity Engine Games, I wanted to ask for some clarification on this one.

As I understood it (and I'm not sure if I did), the timers for the Banters used in this mod are set for "in-game time" in contrary to Baldur's Gate 2 where new Banters come up after a certain time of "play time" has passed.

I'm at the End of the Prologue (after the fight at the Pallisade before heading to the Bridge) in my game now and when I hit P and randomly select someone to talk to I still get new bannters. Am I supposed to forward Bannters via the P Button until I can't get any new ones before I set foot into chapter 1 or will the ones I haven't seen yet just come up in the next chapter?

I'm just asking because I don't want to miss on some content.


I would be grateful if someone could answer my question.


Keep up the great work!

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They will roll on to the next chapter (the conditions for them are all Chapter Greater Than...), so if you don't feel like exhausting the full supply, don't worry about it. The timers reset themselves in the beginning of each chapter iirc, so if you go for a stretch w/o anyone saying anything, you can then push the banter a bit. :)

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