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The IRC channel needs to work on it's politeness.


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Don't worry. Just my poor hardware keeps me from being on IRC more often as my PC does not like it when I work at the same time. So far work won most of the times. I'll pop in occasionally. :) Nothing else can keep me chatty bastard from IRC.

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Oh, tomas is just a peeve. :)


/ignore will solve all troll problems.


It makes them shrivel into little attention-starved lint balls.


The only thing wrong with that strategy is when other people are getting irritated at thin air... I think the confusion is worth it, though. :(

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Granted that trolls can be irritating, yet -


Syphilis, taxes, politicians, small children, inaccurate clocks, spontaneous limb disappearance, blood clots, the word 'geronimo', country music, egomaniac mechanics, people-who-think-they-can-play-the-xylophone-brilliantly-but-can't-outside-their-own-mind-yet-do-not-realise-this-and-force-their-cacophonic-delusions-upon-their-relatives-as-often-as-possible, underwear made from shredded cabbage, eye drops of powdered glass, poltergeists, dogs that bark repeatedly at 3am, people who smell of urine, assorted medicines that have been maliciously tampered with, elephant foot bins, clouds of irate wasps, relatives visiting from interstate, television, the number 12, kleptomania, bridges that collapse, inept neurosurgeons who just happen to be drunk whilst operating, any women who competed in any Olympic hammer throw/discus/shot put event ever, nose hair, spontaneous combustion, suffocation, mental images of octogenarians engaging in sex acts, narcoleptic aeroplane pilots, P&T meetings, politicians, bad joke books, rancid butter, morris dancers, capitalist, ruthless children’s entertainers and rocks bearing even slight resemblance to Tony Blair ;


- all of these cruel travesties are worse than even the most nefarious, highly successful troll, in my book. :)

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The best is, " people-who-think-they-can-play-the-xylophone-brilliantly-but-can't-outside-their-own-mind-yet-do-not-realise-this-and-force-their-cacophonic-delusions-upon-their-relatives-as-often-as-possible"


And I thought I was all alone... :)

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I am glad to have stolen sleep from you, as I am glad to steal sleep from anyone. Sleep is a good thing that has no need of moderation when it comes to one's enemies. You are most welcome, J. :)

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