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The last loveTalk in SoA?

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I've started again to play BG from scratch a week ago during my free time, and while upping and collecting some mods / patches for my BG I came accross Sarah and thought to give it a try... Everything has gone smoothly for now, I have done Sarah's guest to help he uncle and slayed Bodhi and saved Sarah from the life of a Nightcrawler, but I am unsure of the fact should I continue to ToB ( and ToB part of Sarah romance ) as there hasn't been any lovetalks after the Underdark part, other than saving her from vampirism...


I have checked, using Shadowkeeper, that Sarahromanceactive = 2 & Sarahtalkromance = 19, but now I would like to know if Sarahtalkromance 19 is the last lovetalk in SoA part of her romanceline... I don't want any spoilers ( other than directions if LT19 is not the last SoA part ), and I am sorry if this has been asked in another thread ( tried to check the forums but it never caught my eye ), but I would like to know whether or not I have "complited" the SoA part with LT19...

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