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The woman standing in front of you seems vaguely familiar. Her lackeys surrounding you twirl their blades; no doubt they are attempting to frighten or intimidate you. Some are scowling at you while others are chuckling quietly, but none of them make any move to attack you. The woman smiles and walks up to you, extending her hand.


"Well, well...it's been a while."




Shadow Hand is a new total conversion mod that takes place in the Sword Coast thirty years after the end of ToB. Hopefully, the mod will feel like a whole new game, as it features an original story, lots of subquests, NPCs, monsters, items, etc...and 6 new NPCs. Players will start at level 1 in the town of Ulgoth's Beard. Our current builds require TuTu (we are using EasyTutu) to be installed but that may change depending on how the mod development goes.


This forum is where Mike1072 and I will post progress updates and answer questions about the mod.



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