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The IESDP - What's it all about?

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The Infinity Engine Structures Description Project (IESDP) is an effort to document the Infinity Engine. The IESDP contains information on file formats, opcodes, scripting and more. It is the central point for technical information relevant to modding the Infinity Engine. The IESDP is currently maintained by igi, though there have been several custodians in the past, and even more contributors.


The IESDP is hosted by The Gibberlings Three, and can be found at:



There is also an IESDP update forum, where you can post contributions, questions, updates, queries and postulations:



If you want to contribute to the IESDP, check:

- this forum for posts with info that hasn't been included yet (once done, threads get moved to the archive)

- the issue queue: https://github.com/gibberlings3/iesdp/issues

- this post for a selected list of research topics: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/1696-research-topics/


If you have archives of any posts or information from the TeamBG IESDP update forum, which had *not* been moved to the IESDP archive forum, please post them on this forum. A summary of those missing topics is located here:




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