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Using IW2 animations in BG2

Guest Brazen Rogue

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Guest Brazen Rogue

Hey all! As the description states, this could possibly be a somewhat irritating question, oft repeated before. But after much searching, I couldn't find any answers, so I figured I'd try simple asking.


I should probably explain, I have absolutely no idea about anything modding related, but I do like a bit of visual variety when creating my characters. As such, using Shadow Keeper to change charnames appearance to that of the death knight is about my limit.


In any case, after installing the Sheena half-dragon NPC (about five minutes ago, so I've no idea if it worked), I wondered about using the animation for my main character. I checked the file for her in Shadow Keeper, but her appearance was set to Female Human Mage I believe, so I'm still none to wiser as to how to set my own animation as the rather smashing half dragon.


In short, I guess my question is this; is there a simple way for me to use that, or any other fancy non-BG2 animation, that doesn't require me to have a nervous breakdown? Thanks in advance to anyone who sat and read all that, even if you can't help.


Oh, and just a quick post script. A great big thanks from all us Joe Nobodies out there who use all of these wierd and wonderfull mods. I've been playing Baldur's Gate 2 since it came out, and BG before that, and I'd never have stayed so interested of it wasn't for all this support. Have yourselves a nice cup of tea and a pat on the back :p

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