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The hugs and kisses thread

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Erik, I tried to think of something productive to say, but frankly I think this mod has almost reached its zenith and might as well be enshrined presently, lavished with praise, calcified, preserved, frozen in time, and left the hell alone, etc., because it is perfect and cannot get any better. I grant it a pedestal among the simulacra of the gods and make supplications of animal fat to it, whilst invoking maledictions against all other mods except the mighty Ascension.




In the best effort of seriousness I can muster at 3 o'clock in the morning, I say with all sincerity that Full Plate is on the shortlist of mods I refuse to play without; and I read somewhere that verbalizing fuzzy, warm feelings of gratitude is therapeutic. In that vein... Group therapy, anyone? Well, I've never been particularly good at calls-to-arms, so if you hear an eery wind whistle by, followed by utter silence... that's my fault, and not at all a comment on your decidedly-better-than-most addition to these games. (In parentheses, I'll note that Full Plate has supplanted Refinements on my install... Don't tell the Italian guy.)


Viva la IE. Just as everyone thought it was dead.

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