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If you have some free time, and want to be world famous forever (well, you'll have your name in the IESDP credits list), have a look at this post, which contains a partial list of unknowns, and maybe investigate something...



ToB opcodes

0x005: param1 (0,*), param2 (0-5,1000-1005), dices, timing (1), 0xCC (!0)

0x012: param1, param2 (0-5), dices, timing (1,*), 0xCC (!0)

0x027: timing (1,*), 0xCC (!0), duration // 0xCC checked if timing != 1

0x035: param1, param2 (2), timing (1,*), 0xCC (!0), param3 (if 0xCC == 0, else overriden)

0x043: param2 (0,1,3,4,5,*), resource, duration, param5, timing (1)

0x047: param1 (lb), param2 (0,1), timing (1), 0xCC (0)

0x081: param1 (lb), param2 (lw), 0xCC (!0)

0x087: param2 (0,*), resource, 0xCC (0,*), param3, param1 (lw) (p1 + p3 overridden in some paths)

0x091: param2 (0-2), 0xCC (!0)

0x0B1: param1 (0,*), param2 (2-8), resource, duration (copied), timing (copied), 0xCC (copied), param3 (0,*) (bool)

0x0E8: resource, param5, 0x78, param2 (0-11), param1 (0-3), param3 (!0), parent resource (if res_type == 1)

0x0EA: param1 (lb:0-9), param2 (lb:0-3|uw), parent resource (if res_type == 1)

0x0EC: param2 (1-3), duration, 0xCC (!0), timing (copied)

0x100: resource, param5, 0x78, param3 (!0), parent resouce (if res_type == 1)

0x10D: param1 (lb), param2 (1,*) (1 uses p1 + negated p1), duration

0x126: param1


CRE Format






0x0010 - bits 7,8, 11


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I've updated the original post, and added this one :)




245: CheckForBerserk

271: SummonDisable

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