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A couple of alternative new portraits


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Here's a couple of portraits I've made that could be suitable for Gavin. I confess I did


not make the original artwork in either case, but I have made loads of changes.


These aren't simple cut and paste jobs :p For starters I changed the expression


to give both characters a slight smile, and increased the size of the nose just a wee


bit. I've also tweaked the eyes in order to give them more of a "kind" face. The poses


have also been altered just a bit to get rid of distracting partial limbs etc. I've


altered the colours, lighting, backdrops, textures, depth of field etc to match the


portraits provided by the game. I also added some sparkly lighting to the amulet 01 is


wearing to make it seem just a little magical, and tweaked the effects on 02's armour




I can only link to jpg versions. If anyone wants the proper bitmaps please post here, or


message me and I'll email them to you :p















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I wish I looked like No. 2. I would finally have the respect I deserve.


The real question, however, is if No. 2 can pass off as a 28-year-old. It seems like a stretch, IMO.


(No. 1 looks like a sexualized adolescent; and, by god, we don't need another Saerileth.)

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They're lovely portraits, though!


OK, it does push the age window a bit, since he's 28 in BG1, but then again, I work with a 27 year-old guy who looks like he's 16, so I'll cheerfully leave it to the player to decide what he's supposed to look like.


Thanks for sharing these! :p

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I think my age is showing ... all you young whippersnappers look alike to me *cough, cough, wheeze*


I did try to pick men who looked a bit older - granted that so far Gavin has been pretty much a priest rather than a warrior, and he's well fed and healthy. Think Jonathon Rhys Meyes, or Billy Oyd at 28 and you'll see what I mean.

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Here are the two small versions, so you can DL the jpgs and convert to bitmap (or of course meesage me with your email addy).


I always tweak the small pix - make them brighter and sharper because just shrinking always make them seem too dark and unclear.





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