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Korgan - Delainy


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"Okay, girlie, ye call yourself a bard?  Then let's hear ye bard!"






"Hard of hearing?  Maybe ye would prefer wench..."


Delainy:  *slightly off balance*

"Um...no, not wench..."



"Girlie it is."


Delainy: *slowly regains her composure*

"Just what was it you wanted anyway Korgan?"



"I heard tell that ye were a bard, so let's see how good you are...mind ye, ye better be good, I haven't drunk enough ale to make ye sound good."


Delainy:  *growls*

"Drunk...enough...to make me...sound...good?  Okay, you want me to hear me sing, I will..."


Delainy throws her head back, and a long clear note can be heard when Korgan breaks out laughing.


Delainy:  *thrusting her hands on her hips*

"And what is so funny?"



"Ye sound like one of those pointy-eared, earth-humping freaks.  Ye need more gravel in your throat, and fire in yer belly to..."



"If you are so smart, then let's hear it!"



"Ye amuse me girlie, very well..."


Korgan takes a deep breath, a hawking sound rising in the back of his throat, and then spits on the ground:

"Bitch of the wide eyes,

It would be a most pleasant surprise

And one to remember

Could I place my member

Between yer mighty thighs."


Delainy's flushes bright red:

"Korgan...that...urgh...gotta go..."


Delainy slowly backs away, and then turns and runs, Korgan's laughter chasing her.

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how about this...


del: hey korgan, have you ever heard the ballad of eskimo nell? (change to "barbarian" nell to make it fit forgotten realms?)


korgan: erm ,no bardie...i 'ave not...


del strikes up a cord in her lute, and begans to sing: T'was deadeye pete and...


she has kept her voice down to avoid letting imoen, and aerie hear the words...


at the end of the song, korgan walks away, and the party is shocked to see him blushing like a schoolgirl, and shaking his head in disbelief....


imoen: urm, delainey, what song did you sing to him?  


del: well, imoen, you know that a bard has to earn her bread in some pretty aweful spots, right?  well, i learned that song in the worst dive in comyr...and that song is the dirtiest, and most obscene song i have ever heard in my entire life...it succeeded in making a platoon of drunken sailors, in port for the first time in 6 months run blushing and making gagging noises...so i figured it would have a similar effect on korgan...


imoen: ok, teach me that song!!!


del: NO!!!  Charname would never ever forgive me!!!


imoen: aawwww...come on, she/he doesn't have to know...pretty please???


del: NO!


imoen: pretty please with suger on top?  I'll be your friend... :D  :D  :D

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To make Korgan blush, that's gotta be one OBSCENE song.  :D


You might have more luck making him cry.



Probably with a song about some warrior dying on a mound of fallen enemies. I doubt anything else would appeal.  :D

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