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Could you provide the stats of Yoshimo's Katana so I can compare it to the Item Revisions version? Does it matter from a story perspective which version we use?


Lemernis, further to my post at SHS, could you give me details of the conversation re Yoshi's leaving:


"I'm not able to try KY at the moment, so can you give me a rough idea of what he says regarding him having to leave the party on a temporary basis? I mean, I've read the Mod Storyboard thread over at G3, but does him saying something like "These are powerful mages and will kill us all" result in some kind of argument from charname? Does charname have the option to say "We've faced powerful foes before, Yoshi. We'll take our chance against them"? Without having tried the mod I obviously don't know what you've done, but this was the only thing I wasn't too sure about when I read the Mod Storyboard thread i.e. is the conversation re Yoshi leaving between him and charname realistic, and is Yoshi suitably persuasive when he says he simply must leave the party?"


Please feel free to move my post if it's not in the right thread.

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Ok, here we go:


I haven't modified Yoshimo's Katana, but you get another nice one along the way, if you are lucky. So no, it doesn't matter at all. However, due to one little dialogue path, I would install IR BEFORE KY so that KY will use IR's katana.


Well, what with the assumption that anyone who would install this mod would want to keep Yoshimo alive, no, there isn't a way the PC can force Yoshimo to go to spellhold and die.


Even if you can't install it and play it, you can download the mod and view the dialogue. It should be perfectly readable. The file you need is 'n_yoshi_edit.d'.



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Here's the conversation tree dialogue. Sorry if it's not very readable. But you can get a decent idea from n_yoshi_edit.d as Icen says.


Basically Yoshimo makes his pitch by reminding the PC that he has performed well for the group (which at that point he undoubtedly has). And through his earnestness--he sounds sincere. Yoshi also relies on a bit of roguish charm as well (Cha 14). He's likeable.


There are three basic avenues to follow in the PC's responses.


* slightly wary, with some reservations


* irritated, dismissive


* concerned, trusting


The PC has options to


- allow Yoshi to leave, expressing full trust and confidence in him

- allow Yoshi to leave, while not thrilled with the idea but resigned to the fact that Yoshi will not be deterred

- kick Yoshimo out of the party

- go hostile on Yoshi, i.e., kill him


(The latter two options are just to offer a full range of responses. Anyone going to the trouble of installing this mod obviously wants to use him till the end of the game.)

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Can I just first be clear that we are talking about IR Main Component, yes, not all of IR?


The Compatibility thread says "Item Revisions: Main Component has to be installed before KY due to it modifying Yoshimo's Katana (And we duplicate and repatch it, so if you want the IR version, install after)". When you say "install after" install what after? I do want the IR version of his Katana (rather than the vanilla game version), so is this right:


IR Main Component


IR Other Components


I don't understand what makes you think that I want to force Yoshimo to go to Spellhold and die (not that charname knows that Yoshi will die if he goes to Spellhold). I'll be sure to look at the dialogue tree and let you know what I think.


My thanks to you both.

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does him saying something like "These are powerful mages and will kill us all" result in some kind of argument from charname? Does charname have the option to say "We've faced powerful foes before, Yoshi. We'll take our chance against them"?


Here's an example of one dialogue path you could follow--by no means the only one, there are several. I could have selected one that is radically different. But hopefully this gives a flavor:



Yoshimo: <CHARNAME>, I beg your attention. There is something I must speak with you about.


<CHARNAME>: Best right now that we remain on the alert for further attacks. Can it wait until later, Yoshimo?


Yoshimo: <CHARNAME>, this truly cannot wait.


<CHARNAME>: Very well, but everyone stay on the lookout. What’s the matter?


Yoshimo: On the docks I spotted some old enemies of mine. I am confident they did not see me. But I fear that if they did they could jeopardize our mission. They are wizards of immense power.


<CHARNAME>: We've dealt with mages before, Yoshimo. I'm sure we can handle them.


Yoshimo: These are particularly deadly foes, rumored to be otherworldly. It was even whispered by some that they are undead. When I knew them they sailed aboard the Sea Witch. Their feelings toward me are... um, not exactly friendly...


<CHARNAME>: What did you do?


Yoshimo: I stole something of tremendous value to them. I will spare you the details. But suffice it to say they if they spotted me if would be very bad.


<CHARNAME>: You better tell me what you stole. It must have meant a lot to them.


Yoshimo: That is unimportant now. I garnered a great sum of gold for it the very same evening.


<CHARNAME>: Yoshimo, we have defeated many powerful foes. How much more dangerous could they be?


Yoshimo: Trust me. If they discover me it will mean my death, as well as that of any who accompany me.


<CHARNAME>: I still think we should be able to defeat them.


Yoshimo: You possess great power <CHARNAME>, but you are not invincible...


I have witnessed these two destroy opponents mightier than you. Please, I beg of you. I do not want your death on my conscience. I ask that I may leave your company temporarily so that you enjoy the best chance of success in rescuing Imoen.


<CHARNAME>: I'm surprised by this. I've seen you wary but never afraid. This isn't like you.


Yoshimo: I humbly ask that you place your trust in me.


<CHARNAME>: Trust a thief?


Yoshimo: Heh, good point. But have I not served you well? All I can do here is ask you to trust your instincts.


<CHARNAME>: Very well. It seems I am unable to deter you. Assuming I can get Imoen back, will you rejoin me then?


Yoshimo: I will have to see. But yes, I will try. I very much want to. Look for me in the Vulgar Monkey at that time. I must drop out of sight for the time being.


<CHARNAME>: I wish you luck. We'll be back. Hopefully you can join us before we set sail back to Athkatla.


Yoshimo: That is my sincere hope as well, my friend. May Ilmater bless and keep you until we meet again.

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Lemernis, if I stare hard at it then I can make out the writing in BrynlawDocks-NumberedDiagram.png. There are some obvious differences between that and n_yoshi_edit.d, but on the whole it looks good. I'm very pleased with the number and variety of options you provide.


Points 39 and 40 on the png are essentially the same. n_yoshi_edit.d only appears to contain point 40, so does this mean you've removed point 39 (which would be a good thing IMO)?


Thanks again.

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Cool. I'm a big fan of plenty of dialogue choices for charname (not just with your mod, but with all mods) but having two (or more) similar replies just seems sloppy to me. Good luck with the mod.

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