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Choosing Sides


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“Choosing Sides†is set after the end of the original Baldur’s Gate and before the beginning of Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn. It’s a short (3 pages) one-shot of what might happen if Jaheira wasn’t entirely faithful to Khalid. Rated R for a sex-scene at the beginning. Also, it involves Jaheira and another woman. So possibly R-rated for alternative sexuality.


Since it IS R-rated (and I didn't see rating/guideline rules anywhere), instead of posting it on the forum directly, I've just linked it above to the full text on my webpage. So if you think it might offend your sensibilities, just don't click. :blush:


Comments, criticism, and feedback always very welcome (either posted here, or posted on my website).



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I like the story, though I am not the biggest Jaheira fan. And yes, Khalid's treatment of Jaheira could get grating as well...


And in response to your earlier concerns, there is nothing wrong with the story that would prevent it from being posted here. The only thing you would have to do is warn people there is sexual content (or violence, etc.)

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