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MOTB Bishop Ending Conditions Question + Well Done! (SPOILERS)

Guest prufrockianpixie

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Guest prufrockianpixie

First off, I just want to say that this Romance pack is absolutely fabulous, and thank you so much for your hard work. I've always found it disappointing how lame the romances in the original games have been, and I am impressed with how true to character both the plots and the flirts are. Not to mention, it is sweet, sweet poetic justice that my female PC is going to bring down the Wall in order to save her lover (and herself) just as Akachi did to start the whole plot moving in the first place. IMHO, even better than the male PC/Akachi ending up with Safiya/Red Woman. But I confess some bias on this one.


I played the OC with the Bishop Romance and thought it was exquisite, and because I read a tip on this forum about removing a .dlg file, I was even able to get the perfect ending (stopped failing the final dipl check). However, I'm playing through MOTB and have just finished the Founder's Sanctum and said bye-bye to Ammon Jerro...but I never got the option to express hope that my loved one is alive. I got a conversation with him when I first brought him back during which I was able to ask about pretty much all my companions...except Bishop. However, I did tell Gann that I'm in love with Bishop in the Coven conversation, and I told Bishop to hang on in the Wall. Am I still going to be able to get the right ending? I ask now because I don't want to play all the way until the end and find out I have to go back.


I checked the globals.xml file and both these conditions are set to 1--P#BishopPromise and P#BishopMotB.


Am I ok? If not, is there a way to edit the .xml doc in my most recent saved game to add a condition, or do I need to go back and troubleshoot to try to get the original option to show up in conversation?


Again, thanks so much!

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Guest prufrockianpixie

So I apologize because I didn't realize that Act III was so short, or I wouldn't have bothered you to ask, I would've just played through.


It seems from another thread that some other people are having dialogue probs, so I'll mention what I had to do in case it helps troubleshoot.


As another member hazarded, I think there is a problem with having the love conversation with Gann in the Coven, thereby nixing his Flirt options. That's what I did, and I didn't get the Kelemvor dialogue either, nor AJ's, but not sure if that's related. As a workaround, I manually updated the global file using the console commands


rs ga_global_int("P#BishopPromise","=1")

rs ga_global_int("P#BishopMotB","=1")


then had the talk with Kelemvor and got the Bishop line. Thing is, those used to be set right in my file pre Betrayer's Gate, but somehow got messed up after. So maybe this confirms that the issue is there. Also, I checked after my convo with Kelemvor and BishopPromise was correctly changed to "2" in my file, so while I haven't done the final battle yet, I am confidently expecting no probs with the epilogue. Am very excited!


Oh, and in case this is important, I installed the Romance pack before starting the game, then played through the OC and MOTB with same character.


Thanks again so much for this wonderful mod!!

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