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I've been thinking about how to best implement a psionics system for Lands of Intrigue for a while, and sparked by a recent thread at FW thought I'd post stuff in the public room here for peoples' input. :)


I've got some threads in the LoI workrooms which I'll transfer relevant points of across. At some point.


Here's a brief overview:


1. 2E vs 3.5E rules as a basis. 2E has 3 disciplines, and no power levels. 3.5E has 6 disciplines of power, organised like spell levels. I do want to have some sort of power point method.


2. I want to make 3 separate types of psionic character, with no racial restrictions. These are the Psion (similar to a mage), the Psychic Warrior (a warrior with a few powrs), and the Soulknife (a thief who can manifest a mental knife, but no other powers). The soulknife is already done.


One way I have thought I can do it is base the psion on a fighter or thief as a kit (so all races can pick them) then script it to turn you into a make. The mage's spellbook can be disabled, and abilties can be chosen to make something similar to a sorceror casting - wise, though abilities would be in the Special Abilities tab. I cannot directly copy the Sorceror. I can use this method for the Psychic Warrior too.


I intend to modify psionic creatures already in the game like Githyanki and Illithid, too, though changes would be optional. :(


Any comments, suggestions or requests for more information just say! :(


EDIT: Here's the Soulknife, as coded. Standard thief HLAs at the moment. I think. May well get rid of the normal power manifestation.


SOULKNIFE:A soulknife recognises his or her own mind as the most beautiful and deadly thing in all creation. With practice, they have learned to forge their mental strength into a semisolid blade of pure psychic energy. This weapon, known as a mind blade, means that even when unarmed the soulknife is but a thought away from a deadly strike.



- Can achieve Mastery in short swords.

- Can manifest Level 1 powers once per day per 10 levels.

- Can manifest a Mind Blade once per day per 10 levels. This short sword is a psionic weapon that lasts for 1 round/level, and counts as being of +5 enchantment. Each hit heals the Soulknife 1HP. Thac0 bonus and damage improve by 1 per 5 levels, to a maximum of +5 at level 25.



- Cannot set traps.

- Only gets 15 skill points per level.

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Actually 2E had 6 disciplines but the way they broke it down was different. The disciplines were Clairsentience, Psychometabolism, Psychokinesis, Psychoportation, Telepathy, and Metapsionics. Metapsionics was sort of a catch-all for any psionics that altered other psionics. You can get the PDF versions of the 2nd Edition books at RPGNow! Try these links if you are interested:






The Complete Psionics Handbook and the Will and the Way are by far the most important to the 2nd Edition Psionics system.

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Psionic attack and defence modes against specifically psionic foes were in 3E but dropped for 3.5E due to being largely pointless. I do not know whether they were in 2E or not...

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They did have a variety of attack and defense modes, and some were better than others in 2nd Edition. I'm at school, so I don't have the book handy...Ah, gotta love Ego Whip.

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Psionic Attack Modes from 2E:


Psionic Blast

Psychic Crush

Mind Thrust

Ego Whip

Id Insinuation


Psionic Defense Modes:


Tower of Iron Will

Intellect Fortress

Mental Barrier

Thought Shield

Mind Blank


The PSP cost was progressively higher from bottom to top of the list ( i.e. Mind Blank cost 0 PSP's but Tower of Iron Will is 8 PSP's or something like that).

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Yeh, the 3E ones had the same names. :(


I'm not sure there are sufficient psionic enemies in the game to warrant inclusion of psionic combat modes. :) And they are almost useless against non - psionic creatures...

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