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What to do for a party

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Obviously, Icewind Dale doesn't come with joinable NPCs, so there's a question of what you do for party members. There are currently 3 options (other than playing solo).


1) You could start a multi-player game and give yourself control of all party members, just as in BG2 when you want to create your own party. This is probably closer to the "pure" IWD experience. It's best to start a game, save immediately, quit, and move the save-game from the "MPSAVE" folder to the "SAVE" folder.


2) The IWD-in-BG2 fixpack/tweakpack ships with twelve joinable NPCs. These are BG1-level (so no banter, not many interjections) and are built out of the portraits and sounds that come with IWD (as well as using bits of class-specific IWD dialog). You can get these NPCs by installing the appropriate component of "ice-tutu-tweaks", the tweakpack that ships with IWD-in-BG2. Seven are in Kuldahar, five in Easthaven.


3) You can use a third-party mod that adds joinable BG2-style NPCs. Currently the only available choice is Kulyok's IWD NPCs mod over at Pocket Plane Group (you need the IWD-in-BG2 version).

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I thought it might be helpful to list the Ice-tutu-tweaks NPCs. (Usual disclaimer: these are BG1-level NPCs I built for fun and for testing, they're not fully fleshed out.)




Ragnar (Male dwarf fighter): in the tavern

Vilmar (Male human barbarian): temple of Tempus

Eloise (Female half-elven mage/thief): upstairs at Pomab's Emporium

Endricane (Male human cleric of Lathander): outside the scrimshanders' shop, by the west lakeshore

Marcus (Male human assassin): in the Snowdrift Inn



Ilauna (Female human specialist wizard): in Orrick's tower (talk to Orrick first)

Moranir (Male human avenger): by the statue (talk to Arundel first)

Elyvir (Female elven archer): in the Evening Shade inn

Morgana (Female half-elven bard): in the Root Cellar tavern

Syleen (Female human undead hunter): in the Root Cellar tavern

Arris (Male elven sorcerer): in Oswald's airship

Kori (Female dwarven fighter/cleric): in the blacksmith's

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