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Coding was done by DavidW and CamDawg.


Ladejarl did the GUI conversion.


Nythrun helped hugely with item and spell conversions.


Thanks to the various authors and maintainers of BGT, BGTUTU and EasyTutu, without which this certainly couldn't have happened.


Parts of the G3 Icewind Dale fixpack and the BG2 Fixpack are included in the mod.


We used the following tools: WEIDU / BiggDU, DLTCEP, NI.


Playthroughs of ultra-unstable beta version 4 by Kulyok, grogerson and Mike1072 have helped enormously in developing v5.


Yovaneth is responsible for de-pinkifying the Vale of Shadows and other map icons.


Erephine's One Pixel Productions mod supplied most of the paperdoll conversions.


Erephine's Infinity Animations, and it's WEIDU-ized version due to Miloch, now handle the animation conversions.


Ascension64's ToBEx executable modifications are included in the mod.


See the readme for a full list of links to tools and resources used.


Thanks to Hannah Wallace for graphical help.

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