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why do always give the guys more flirts

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Why do you always make more flirts for male characters?

I tried playing as I guy and noticed that you get a lot more flirts with Elanee, Neeshka and Safiya, then you get as a woman with Casavir, Bishop and Gann.

The flirts are great but too few compared to the ones you get when playing with a male pc.

I mean, whats up with that?

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Maybe it's because with Elanee and Neeshka, that's all you get. There are absolutly no NPC-initiated talks.


Also, some of the characters were written by different people. With Bishop and Casavir, Domi and I were dividing our attention between PC-initiated and NPC-initiated talks.


A third point to consider is that a PID file can only be so big before the toolset starts randomly crashing while working with it. I found that, at least with Casavir, the "magic number" was around 20K words. There were a lot of flirts I wanted to add, but couldn't, because I was getting frustrated having to reboot my computer every time I wanted to add a word and hoping that I got a chance to save it before the toolset crashed.

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Ok, With Elanee and Neeshka It makes sense, but not the differences between Gann and Safiya`s flirts.

I think Gann`s flirt were great :) but nonexsitent compared to Safiya`s.


Well I was just curious anyway. I have noticed this in other mods as well.


And in the original OC you get a lot more comments between Neeshka and Elanee and other stuff than you get between Bishop and Casavir. But you have done a great job with youre mod adding alot to it.


Its just that it always seems to be this way :)

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Gann's dialogue file is over 21K words (read the part where I talk about random crashes). I don't know how big Safiya's is, but it's possible that there was more room for expansion.


I didn't do Gann's flirts, so I don't know if this was a factor, but it may well have been.

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They are structured a bit differently though. I don't knoiw about Casavir, but Bishop has 3 changes of 10 flirts throughout the game iirc, while Neeshka and Elanee get 2 (of 15). Saffiya gets about 20 flirts in 2 changes. In Gann's case, he has a few flirts that are temporary, and show up after certain events, then go away or get replaced. On the whole, I think he gets as many flirts as Saffiya or maybe even more (25?). I don't remember the exact numbers, but we were aiming for 20 to 30 per character. I wrote or edited Elanee, Neeshka and Saffiya, so I was trying to even them out as much as possible. With Gann, my biggest contribution could have been and were the insults, lol! :)

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I find it difficult to insult people, or they aren`t really people but they feel like it sometimes, so I would never have choosen to say the flirt to Gann where you compare him to a frog, but I accidently did, but he took it rather well though:laugh:

Was that yours Domi?


I finallly got the LT 8 with Casavir (when I played it before I missed it and then fixed it before playing with my new pc) and to my suprise I got some new "flirt" options along with it :D That was a nice suprice!


I have only finished the Bishop Romance yet and I loved it :) (but playing with only the bishop Romance pack, now in the Romance pack there seems to be a problem with getting him to stick around. Hope there could be another solution without having to delete files :) )


I am now romancing Casavir but I have played NWN2 alot of times now (waiting for dragonage and for mysteries of west gates which never seems to come, I have SOZ but its not for me because there is no NPC:s and no dialogs and most of all no romance :) ) so I need some thing new to happen which it does with Casavir but the randomness of the flirts are bugging me, you get the same reply for the most part and every 5-10 try you get a new, but I am overreacting I think :p I love Casvir and what you´ve done with him berelinde.


Love playing youre mods. I have played a lot of baulders gate 2 npc mods aswell, not shure though which ones are yours. I loved Kivan.

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