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NPC Mod Help?


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I am starting a NPC Mod, a female samurai sort of character. I have most things all planned out, but I have never made a mod before. I was wondering if anyone can help out? Point me to full tutorials or something? I plan to have plenty of banter, flirting ,and a romance.


Anyhelp is appreciated, thank you ahead of time.

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It helps to have examples of code to work from, especially when you're starting out. So you might want to look at some of the One - Day NPC mods, which are pretty simple, and try and understand their code. :)


I made Mur'Neth (available on this site at http://www.gibberlings3.net/murneth/ ), and there's a good few (Ghareth, Hessa, Alassa, Indira) over at http://www.pocketplane.net too.

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