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SHS: Rogue Rebalancing v4.1 and aTweaks v2.5 Released

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The Rogue Rebalancing mod is a gameplay modification for Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal which strives to bring Bards and Thieves closer to their Pen and Paper AD&D counterparts. aTweaks represents a compilation of PnP related tweaks and various house rules which are designed to bring more consistency to the gameplay. Both mods works on normal Baldur's Gate II games as well as either of the two Baldur's Gate conversion projects: (Easy)Tutu and Baldur's Gate Trilogy (BGT). They are divided into multiple components which can be installed separately and are completely independent of each other.


New in Rogue Rebalancing v4.1


This minor release alters the Alchemy and Scribe Scrolls HLAs in order to make them more customizable. Characters using these abilities can now choose which potion/scroll they wish to create. Furthermore, this update gives characters a chance to talk their way out of trouble after failing to steal an item from a store. The new dialogue options which make that possible are dependant on the character's mental attributes. A more detailed list of changes can be found here.


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New in aTweaks v2.5

This minor release adds three additional components to the "PnP Tweaks" group: "Restore innate disease immunity to Paladins", "Additional racial traits for Dwarves" and "Additional racial traits for Gnomes". In summary, these components restore several PnP gameplay elements which were missing from the unmodded game. More detailed information can be found in the readme.


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