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Potential NPC Mod


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Dantren Baenre- This is a character from a series of fanfictionish novels I was working on, who I could probably tweak to fit Shadows of Amn fairly easily. A chaotic good character, worn down but somewhat mentally unstable half-drow barbarian NPC. A former gladiator slave of the drow, looking for experiences on the surface to orient himself to new type of life. Would probably have extensive banters with Viconia, Minsc, and Korgan, and a PC friendship. Possibilty for romance with females of all races, but not necessary. Maybe the opposite of a redemption path, a corruption? Might be interesting to see a character who began down the path of rightousness out of spite rather than an internal compass played out alongside our familiar NPCs.


Any opinions or questions? Feedback or support would be welcome.


Could do all the writing myself, but I don't know coding (yet?)

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