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To whomever is maintaining IWD1 Tweak Pack


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I created a mod which is currently available via the modlist at PPG. However, I wanted to see if IWD1 Tweaks wanted to incorporate it.


The mod gives the player the opportunity to rest for 8 hours from the main game screen. It is true that you can go into the sub-screens to be given the option to rest for only 8 hours. However, I prefer to have the option to rest for 8 hours from the main game screen.


Using the hotkey in this mod you can rest for 8 hours in any area of the game. No need to have the current tweak Rest Anywhere installed. Although both can be installed with no problems or overlap. This is because the current Rest Anywhere component is activated by the rest button and this mod is activated by hotkey.


I also put in another hot key that will cause party members with healing spells to cast them (one at a time). The intent was to heal the party as much as possible prior to resting. Although the hotkey could be used at any time.


There is some fun text displayed on screen but not in the text box. It's not important to the game at all, but I thought it might help break up some of the monotony of having a quiet party. It's basically debugging text with personality... I could make an option that doesn't have it, if that would be preferred.


Here's a direct link to the page on my website where the mod is currently available.


Please take a look at it and let me know if it is something that IWD1 Tweaks would interested in including.

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