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LT11 Silken Sisters Misfire? *spoilers*

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Hi Domi and berelinde,


First off thanks for such a great mod and for all the help that you give to everyone and the questions you answer.


I'm having a problem getting my LT11 Silken Sisters dialogue to fire. I checked around here and on the nwvault comments list and found another person who had a problem. However, that person claimed to be missing files, which I don't believe I am.


I checked and the files br_lt011_bcs.NCS and br_lt011_bcs.NSS are both in the BishopRomance/ncs_nss folder, and br_lt011.dlg is in Shared/casavir-bishop.


My romance with both Bishop and Casavir is active, they are both in my party, and I started a new game after installing the mod.


Any idea what the problem is? Thanks in advance for all your help!



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Unfortunately, script misfires are commonplace, when modifying the OC. The stuff is coded right, it works for some people, on some playthroughs, but might not work for others.


The only time I successfully got the Silken Sisters talk, I went through the Gem Mines and cleaned out all the monsters, then I left all my companions in the room with the tree and issued a "Stand your ground" command. I went back and talked to the ghosts one by one. I forgot all about the Silken Sisters, but on my way back (with the ghost, I might add), Bishop comes trotting up and delivered the LT.


Maybe you could try that?


To give you some idea how common script misfires are, I included PID backups for all but one of Casavir's lovetalks. The non-fourth-wall-breaking reason for this was that sometimes, it isn't a good time to talk, and maybe Casavir would pick up on that. The fourth-wall-breaking reason was that sometimes, the talks just won't fire and there's nothing you can do about it. It makes sense for Casavir, because nothing short of a direct order from Tyr would keep him from saying what's on his mind, but with Bishop, when the moment is gone, the moment is gone.

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berelinde - Thanks for the help! For some reason or other, doing what you recommended worked, which is awesome because I really like that conversation. Also, I totally see your point about Casavir and Bishop and the "in the moment" thing. I like that you and Domi put the emphasis on accurate characterization rather than convenience. Obviously it would be convenient if you could smack Bishop around and he'd always crawl back, but you're absolutely right that it wouldn't be in character.


It's Brynn, by the way, I just registered with a different name.

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I love Berelinde's back ups though, I have never thought about it at the time. I am kind of on the fence about doing it for BR, but I am afraid it's my time availability that will decide in the end.

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