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On 10/6/2019 at 2:51 PM, DavidW said:

Which is why it would be good to release an actual v4. People can hardly be blamed for getting v3 when that’s still the official one linked to the project pages and download pages on G3.

100% agree.  I suspect G3 might have an issue with doing a full release without a proper Readme... so it's a bit of a catch-22.  The Readme will never get made, but v3 is out of date and v4 should really be the official download regardless.

I say just release v4 officially and point to these ... three ... threads as a "readme."  It's still not totally accurate - some of Demi's plans detailed there never came to fruition, and a few little things have since been changed by kreso.  But it gives a pretty good sense of what the player is getting into...

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57 minutes ago, DavidW said:

What’s the bottleneck in producing a readme?

The short descriptions for the spell changes that are listed in the readme haven't been updated since v3 (or likely earlier).  The full spell descriptions can be generated automatically, but the short descriptions need eyes from someone familiar with the mod.  (Kreso had volunteered, but he's MIA at the moment.)

As far as where V4 stands, I completed the ADD_SPELL changes in the summer.  Testing has been minimal so they are in need of someone to check to make sure that they are working correctly without introducing any new bugs.  (Any guinea pigs?  Send me a message.)

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I'm simply maintaining SR.  kreso may be more open to implementing new content, but including spells from other mods is not one of SR's goals.

Firstly, SR is intended mainly as a rework of the existing spells in the game.  It adds some spells where necessary to fill gaps (e.g. differentiating druids from clerics, filling out specialist spellbooks), but arbitrarily adding new spells is not the focus.

Secondly, if the spells exist in working form in another mod, you can use that mod together with SR; there's nothing gained by duplicating the content within SR.

If it's a matter of wanting to rebalance spells added by other mods, that won't be addressed in SR.  Your best bet for that is to address it at the source, or if that proves impossible, to create a separate mod specifically for rebalancing mod content.

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I see that there is a component "Revised HLAs", but i cannot see any documentations describing what its purpose is. I've seen the code, so i know the effects it applies, but i suggests to add 1 or 2 lines about it in the readme and/or the online documentation ?

There is a small typo in kreso_hla.tph for the second hla :

ACTION_IF  FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~spcl900.spl~ BEGIN                     // g whirlwind

should be spcl901.spl  Minor, but then the check would be useless so...

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I wrote this description for SRR's readme:

"Revised Warrior HLAs (may be used with or without the main component)
A minor addition that doesn't completely fall within the scope of SR, this component slightly revises a few warrior high level abilities. Hardiness is changed from 40% resistance to all damage to 25%, while Whirlwind Attack and Greater Whirlwind Attack are changed from 10 attacks per round for 1 round to simply twice as many attacks per round for 2 rounds."

SR is welcome to use it, I don't think I changed anything about it.

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I put here some thougths about the combination: SR + SCS:

The only way to protect yourself from the dispel magic spell is the dispelling screen, which protects only a single cast. If the enemy is much higher level, he needs only 2 dispel magic  to remove almost everything. Or 2 mages in the fight to cast that spell simultaneously. At least against Torgal the 2 Yuan-Ti mages casted 2 dispel magics, which meant that my buffs were gone. Because the game gives you typically much higher level opponents, there might be a  better way to protect yourself from dispel magic. 

If I have read the spell descriptions correctly, there's no a way to remove spell buffs from lich. There are only 2 dispelling spells with the area effect: spell thrust and dispel magic. And a lich is immune to those spells. The rest need the ability to target the creature. So, the following combination is impossible to remove: non detection and improved invisibility. You cannot remove the improved invisibility because of the non detection. And you cannot target the lich because of the improved invisibility. In plain scs the spell protections removing spells have a small aoe effect. And you can always use thief's detect illusion to remove illusion spells. I think that maybe one spell in this list should have a small aoe effect: ruby ray of reversal, pierce shield, spellstrike, khelben warding whip or pierce shield. The best candidates are maybe ruby ray of reversal or spellstrike.

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