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Immediately after Kivan joins me, he says, "I take it you do not require my services any longer?" I told him that I said "nothing of the sort" and he stayed with me. Is this planned or a bug?


My character is a CG fighter/human.

I have Jehiera, Minsc, and Kivan in my party.



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I have a couple soundset issues to report.


The first is his lack of the two extra lines that all other NPCs received with ToB; instead of their simply not existing, however, their places are filled by lines from the default PC soundset. Definitely somewhat goofy sounding.


The same problem occurs with the 'weapon ineffective' line. I don't see how that default soundset could fit any character, let alone a dark and brooding one.


Also, some lines that had BG1 equivalents have unfitting replacements in Kivan of Shilmista (for example, every time he takes damage he says 'my need for revenge gives me strength to go on...' while there was obviously a suitable grunt in BG1).


Aside from the somewhat confusing introduction (he says 'follow me' during the initial dialogue, implying there is some sort of immediate task at hand), I haven't encountered any other problems so far.

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One more bug to report.


It seems the initial dialogue of the Jaheira romance ("Where to now, fearless leader?") is replaced by the Kivan dialogue about his inconsistency in following goals. It still qualifies as starting the romance, though, as her music still plays and her dialogue upon being removed from the group changes to the romance version.


I've replayed through the same section multiple times and had the same bug pop up. I have a slew of mods installed but I'm not sure how any others would cause this to happen.

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In V2, I got the sunset banter with the PC in the middle of the animal fight that starts Trademeet.


Glad it at least paused. Had Hareishan kill all three thieves while I was asking the merchant in the Bridge district what smells like elderberries.


Edit: After resting at Vyatri's Inn in Trademeet with PC, Kivan, Jaheira, Aerie and Korgan in party, I noticed the following error in the dialog window.


TRFUED11 Starting Conditions Error. TriggerSetGlobal Not Found. Check for proper brackets in Line Number:1.


Don't even know if this banter is a part of this mod. From the name, it doesn't look like it but it could have modified something else, so I thought I'd better post.

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Hendryk, can you expand on what is the problem with Hareishan and who he is?


I'd think that the inn bug at this party composition might be coming from Kiv-Korgan banter (you know which, lol). I will check the conditions in the script.

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Hareishan's just an editorial aside about banters not pausing the game; she's the vampire fighting three shadow thieves in the first random encounter in Athkatla at night. My PC was talking to the merchant about the skinner murders and I didn't even realize that the encounter was going on until she killed all three thieves and interrupted me. (Sorry. That was posted very late at night.)


Also, same party but in two different games, entering the DeArnise "cellar" (AR1301) has triggered banters between Korgan and Nalia and Korgan and Aerie but not the expected one of Korgan with Kivan.

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Now, that's odd. I had Nalia (no Aerie) when visiting Cellars and it triggered the correct banter in my case.


Edit: I wonder if the WEIGHT now is playing the joke backwards? ie substitutes Bio's banters for modded ones? I wonder if using Dialogue() not Interact would solve the issue?

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