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Kivan's Voice Actor Needed

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Hi Garriath; sorry I have missed your post :rolleyes: It surely would be nice to have voicing done for Kivan, though imitating his BG1 voice set is not necessary. If you want to try for the role, try out a few of his 'classical' lines :D


~The city is an example of man's excesses. I wish we would be gone from this miserable place.~

~Why must we emulate the ways of the dwarven folk by crawling about these warrens~

~Your candor is appreciated.~

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Could you try the following lines for me, perhaps?


-Record in: 44100hz 16-bit Mono OGG preffered, but MP3 will do

-Save the lines as "kivan##.ogg" (were ## will be provided with the lines

-Send your auditions to [domi_sotto@gibberlings3.net]


Audition line 1: kivan50 ~The stars were falling. A rare and precious sight, yet it fills my soul with sadness and longing.~

Audition line 2: kivan51 ~Tell me, mellonamin, what occupied your time in Baldur's Gate, after my departure for Shilmista?~

Audition line 3: kivan52 ~Do you know what they call rain that is born and falls far above, but evaporates too quickly and does not reach the ground?~

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Still looking for Kivan voice actor is someone is interested :p



If you're still looking for someone to do Kivan's voice, I'd be interested in giving it a shot. I have a gift for voices and could probably do a decent Kivan.......OR I could do something totally original.......maybe a mix of Kivan and the rangers from Warcraft???

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