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Kivan's Voice Actor Needed

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I can help with voice but I'll need to load Goldwave onto the new computer. The last thing I did was to cut some background noise and "even" up a voiceset for Zyraen for the Beyond The Law mod. So if you need sound "evening up", I'll need a few files of one or two of the standard BG characters, Jaheira's is good to work with.

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I am still looking for the cheerful male voice to record 10 or so lines for the paladin in one of Kivan's mini-quests.


if your still looking for some one for this role i might like to try. if you have some lines i could take a look at ill see what i can do, always wanted to do some work for a mod for the game.



Record in: 44100hz 16-bit Mono OGG preffered, but MP3 will do



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Let me get back to you on that sometime next week, will that be OKay? I kind of don't have anything for BG2 on the go atm, but I might as well reinstall it and see if I can poke at Kivan between IWD2 work. :)

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Guest Guest

Domi.... due to personal issues I might not be able to go through with this....



if you have to fnd someone else to do Kivan's voice I completely understand.

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(Waves) Can you record the following lines? The name in the square brackets is what I'd like you to name the sound file:


~Lo, adventurers! A word with you?~ [p#chisl01]

~Well met! I am glad that this matter has fallen into your hands.~ [p#chisl02]

~A no-nonsense approach? I like that! ~ [p#chisl03]

~Accidentally, so do I. Ha! No rest for the wicked, eh? So... I will not tarry getting to the point.~ [p#chisl04]

~I am Jysstev, Chislav Jysstev.~ [p#chisl05]

~Tell me all, please. You see, I need to know. It's... it's my brother's ring.~ [p#chisl06]

~Come, you've earned a reward. I was going to sell the artifact anyway, since it tends to be a bit distracting.~ [p#chisl07]

~Why, oh why is it those who look immortal and vivacious that die first?!~ [p#chisl08]

~Thank you for what you have done, and farewell. Let this sword keep the dangers of the world at bay.~ [p#chisl09]

~I swear, I will find the fiend who took my brother's life!~ [p#chisl10]

~It would do me good to live up to my vow of poverty.~ [p#chisl11]

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Well, if you still want me, I may be able to go through with this after all.



Seems me and RL came to an understanding.



I admit that it rules me and it said it will allow me to occasionally have fun.




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