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Neeshka's Romance Updates

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I just have a doc file with all dialogues written out, and a condition at which dialogue triggers - those will be the two doc files.


All Neeshka's coded dialogue files, save for her g-file will be in her Neeshka subfolder. The dialogues that are shared between different characters are in the Shared subfolder (her g-file went there, her addition to the Wall).


Each dialogue goes into a separate file - you might remember, we did not have a system implemented of firing off the node from one master file. The dialogue names are sequential more or less. nr_lt0001 (or something like that) will stand for the first dialogue on Neeshka's rom. I am pretty sure the script should have be there, probably in the script subfolder in Neeshka's folder, seeing I tested with it and zipped the contents of my override :)


Okay, I will transfer all the written out doc files in the dlg formats, that should be easy. I can mark the first node of each dialogue with {} condition for it to occur, i.e. {Zheaave is in the party} We also add a 'just in case' mechanism, adding each dialogue initiation in the g-file, so if the dialogue has failed to trigger, but conditions are met, the dialogue will pop when the player click-talks the NPC.


Some dialogues are player-initiated, so they go directly onto the g-file without a corresponding dlg.

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Okay, I didn't understand before that the Neeshka directory was meant to be a subdirectory of the main Flirt Pack. I have both of those zips you sent, and the Flirt Pack does have corruption, but the Neeshka one doesn't. There is no subfolder named "Shared" in the files I received, no files newer than 2009 in the script folder of FP_V5.0b.zip, and no subfolders at all in FP_NeeshkaRomance_dir.zip

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Yep, because that's the work directory rather than the module. I will need to figure out the way to zip and package the mod to be able to fit it on my measly FTTP. Hang on, I will see what I can do once I look at it in the morning.

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Folks, I went through it, and here is the game plan. I will need help :)


1. I apparently have 7z, not WinZip. I zipped the file again, and it extracts for me. I will re-upload it. (See #3)

2. I will start a thread in this Public Forum with a SPOILED tag that will have every conversation conditions and the first line

3. If you want to help out, ask me for a link, and from there:

a) Obviously check that mod installs, duh

b) Play with the file that contains the talk conditions

c) Report talks that are not triggering = we need new script added OR placed awkwardly with a suggestion of a new placement - in a quiet area nearby that will be walked upon by the PC

4. I will code the texts of every remaining talks and add the note on the conditions for every dialogue, then beg Tchos to help out with putting them in the game in that wonderfully efficient manner the real NWN2 coders do it :)

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I also have 7zip, and not WinZip, but I usually use WinRAR. I just tried extracting it with 7zip and not WinRAR as I had before, but it still failed, this time saying "Can not open file as an archive", and not extracting anything. At least WinRAR was able to view and extract some of the files before hitting the error. Talking about FP_V5.0b.zip, not FP_NeeshkaRomance_dir.zip. The latter extracted without error.

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I think the corruption happened when I uploaded the archive. I will try it again, download it myself and make sure it extracts. Ah, yes, WinRAR, thank you. I should re-install it too. Been a while since I needed software. And the Office Libre is killing me. Gotta buy MS Office proper.

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Okay, yeah, the problem was that the space on my little server was insufficient for the upload. I Ma sending you the link Tchos, and starting to search to get the conditions I used and the dialogues I hooked each of my talks to. Of course back at the time I did not document it on each dialogue as I should have. Well, duh. I'll start posting it as soon as it is done & send the link if someone wants to try to run and test the dialogues triggability.


I figure that we can add the more rigorous script using the old variables as the condition to show up. It may not ibe very elegant, but it will be more elegant than relying on the PID back-up. :)

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I finished going through all the coded dialogues and identified the triggers for all save 3. I will post on the Public Works Thread this afternoon, and I will also post the conditions for the dialogues for which I would like to have an area trigger/better trigger here so if anyone is still playing the game could make suggestions without getting into the spoiler thread. Went better than I anticipated. :)

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