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Dynaheir Feedback

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The biggest argument I can find for leaving Dynaheir's lines alone is her selection sound "Thy wished my ear?" This is a vanilla game sound, so obviously, she's meant to use bad grammar.


If anybody wants to fix their local copies, though, all you have to do is open up the TRA file, make whatever changes you want, and reinstall the mod. All done.

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Do a multi-file search of the bg1npc/tra/english subdirectory looking for whatever you want to change, and that will lead you to the reference - most of the project's materials are split between many, many smaller different files, but they are all traified and all of them are dumped into




where %LANGUAGE% = english | spanish | french | italian | german | russian | chinese | polish | swahili | sanskrit | klingon


( translation done and shipped with the mod , translation started by a commmunity but not yet available, translation not yet attempted by a language community )


There are alot of lines. And alot of files.

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I don't think there will be many who will want to do that, though I'm afraid that it still grates on the ear even if it's meant to.

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